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CURATORIAL / WordPress Themes

I make – or rather, made – WordPress themes “for use” because while I like making them for my own sites, I enjoy designing so much that I like to make them hypothetically for use, for free. However as I don’t actively promote my content, they’re mostly just sitting around. Here are all the ones I made!

Disclaimer that these were actually really bad when I made them and I went through and revised them in 2018 in terms of either format (for the worse ones) or just font (because they used to use really entry level fonts.) I initially had an idea of having them for use, still, but… eh. There’s a lot of buggy code in all of them, and I can’t be bothered to try to go through all of them and fix them, and even if I did and made them up I’d want to offer support for them as well… and all of that’s just way too much work when I made these for fun, for free, years ago.

Colors (2012)

When I decided to make WP Themes hypothetically for use, I decided to do series to help motivate me to make them slightly consistently. Colors was the first series I decided to do because there’s a good amount of them, and having the theme of a color still gives me a lot of room to experiment.

Months (2013)

My second series! A bit more of a challenge since there are 12 months instead of 7/8 colors – and then I made it even more of a challenge of making two additional versions of the May and November themes. I also tried to use more graphics in these themes, which is pretty obvious I think!

I also mostly did these in the month they were, aside from a few that I did within the same month to catch up. I think I did Jan-Mar consistently, then stopped for a while in June, then did Apr-Jun in June, then kept doing them per month I think consistently for the rest of the year. Or am telling myself that, anyway. You can believe it.

I was also really, really depressed this year, so I’m kinda surprised I did these semi-consistently.


These are just two themes I made for my best friend when I tried to get her into blogging.