CURATORIAL / Projects&Practice

Some side projects that I’ve discontinued, published, or simply just made for fun.

Know Where To Run | Prompt Generators | (Anth)ology | Practice/Misc.

Prompt Generators (2017 – present)

Prompt generators for a variety of fandoms, using PHP that I toyed with and logic I learned in school (that was very exciting.) Currently online.

(Anth)ology (2016)

Fake poetry anthology. Practice with Javascript and PHP.

Know Where To Run (2015)

Collaborative effort between me & three other group members. I hosted and wrote the CSS/HTML; Icie, one of my group members, wrote the Javascript; and all four of us worked on the content of the actual story (though I less than the others.) Currently online.


I like to give myself challenges to experiment with things I rarely use, like certain functions or colors or whatever else. Other times I have a layout idea and I want to see if it works, so I just play around with it to satisfy myself.